take time.

Windows are open. Sunny is shining & it is just a beautiful day. I love living in Southern California!

Finally got a jogging stroller/hitch for my bike so now little man & I can exercise together! Doesn’t a morning run just change your whole day? I know it does for me I have more energy & I am just in a better mood. Just taking that 30 mins to just step outside & release those endorphins…ahh amazing.  I would say I get about twice as much done compared to the days when I am just feeling plain LAZY! Note to self: Remember how you feel Sarah when you take the time to exercise!!! Plus I only have 5 more lbs till pre- pregnancy weight- Almost there! So I really got to kick it into high-gear to get these last couple lbs off. Oh the joys of being a momma :) that is okay though because EVERY pound is worth it for my little  man!

So everybody get out there & get healthy :) Taking a little time for yourself it really always does pay off!

Til next time,



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