four years that have changed my life.


Justin & I  are celebrating our 4th year wedding anniversary- seriously? four years?!?!- I can not help, but think how much these last four years have changed my life-how he has changed my life.

I am a better christian because of him.  He has helped lead me & guide me closer to Christ more than anyone I have ever known. I cherish this aspect of our relationship so much to be spiritually connected to him is the deepest bond that I have ever felt with someone. I have no idea where I would be without him. I could not even imagine. I am so thankful for his deep love for Christ. He is  such an example & encouragement to my spiritual walk.

I am a wife because of him. I never knew I would love being a wife so much, but I am thankful that God has given me the amazing opportunity to love someone else so deeply & intimately. I know that I am not perfect & I have so many areas I could improve in, but my hearts desire is to continue to be a wife that is selfless & faithful.

I am a mother because of him. I do not even know how to explain how much becoming a mother to his child has changed my life. It has connected us together in a way I never knew possible. We have created a family. I look at Shane & see him- I see our love for each other & I am overwhelmed & thankful to be given the opportunity to love two people so much- so so much.

I am a photographer because of him. Well, not exactly, but he has made my dream of owning my own company a reality. He has invested time & money into my business because he believed in me. Just to know that he has faith in my talents & passions- seriously he is one of kind- one of a kind.

I have a never-ending friendship because of him. I am truly blessed to have some of the best girl friends anyone could ask for, but he is my best friend. I know that no matter what he are always there to listen, to encourage & to strengthen me. I feel what we have is rare, special, & priceless. We enjoy each others company & have so much fun just being “ourselves” with one another.

As I am writing, I am overwhelmed. I am so very blessed to have a man like him in my life. God really has given me far more than I deserve in him, in our marriage.

I love you, babe! Thank you for making these last four years the best of my life. Here is to 40 more!


picnic for our anniversary. it was the perfect evening with my favorite man.


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