the joys of teething.

I feel so bad for my little man :( He has been teething for what seems like the last month.

With all this teething comes lack of sleep for baby & me, irritable baby, lack of appetite-which makes me worrying & to top it off Shane is just not his happy little self :( But through these “little trials” I have learned to become thankful for something very special- extra CUDDLE time with my baby. Shane is naturally a very sweet & cuddly baby. He loves to just snuggle up to me & it makes my heart melt, but now that he is teething all he wants is the comfort of mommy & I don’t mind. Those precious moments in the middle of the night when my baby is in pain & all i can do is rock him & sing to him are close to my heart. I have learned that he is growing up way too fast for me not to rock him to sleep & let him cuddle in my arms because it seems like before I know it that time where I am what he wants & needs will be over :( so for now I am going to soak in every CUDDLE, every KISS,  & every HUG that I can because he will only be this little once…so to me this is the joy of teething.



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