looking back.


My Mom & Me



I recently had the opportunity to go back home to visit my family. It is is always such a good time. I cherish all the time we get to spend together seeing it only happens every couple months.

Anyways, while i was home my mom pulled out my old baby book & for the first time it REALLY meant something to me. Being a mom myself now I realize the deep love you have for your child. I read a letter my mom had written to me 24 years ago & it was so sweet to see that my mom was just like I am now. It brought tears to my eyes & joy to my heart because in that moment I realized just how much my mom really does love me. She is the one who taught me how to love this way- deeply & fully. My mom is the most loving person I know. She loves completely without reservation or stipulations. I pray that I can always love Shane & my other children this same way. I am so thankful for the way my mom has loved me & the wonderful example she has been in my life.
Love you mommy!



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