overwhelmed with kindness.

We have been in the process of getting a house for 9 months now- it has been a very trying process. We have been told so many times it was going to be one more week, 9 more days, 2 more weeks, 1 more month for what seems like a year now, but we finally have the whole process finished & it feels like such a relief & at the same time I am so thankful for these months that we have had to wait & patiently trust God that this was all going to work out in His timing. Today, was no exception: we found out last night that the bank was going to for close on our property if a good amount of money was not paid up on the 2nd loan that the previous owner took out. This was money that we could not give- we had to just trust that the bank would provide this money & they would not let the house go into forclosure. Well this morning we got an email from our realtor saying that she had forgone her commission so that the bank would not forclose on the house & we would be able to get the keys tomorrow… I immediately called her with tears in my eyes & gratefulness in my heart. I could not believe after ALL the hard work she had done to get us this house that she was willing to give up her commission just so that we could get it. Her testimony & kindness touched my life in such a powerful way- God knew that this would all happen & that her kindness would draw me closer to HIM. I am so thankful for the bond in Christ- the love that God has put in our hearts for other believers. This love was so evident today in the life of our realtor. I am praying that God will bless her above & beyond what she sacrificed for us. I know God provides for His children in the ways that he sees best & I have to always remind myself of that-

In the middle of this whole process of buying a short sale I would have said that I would NEVER attempt to do this again- it was emotionally trying & at times such a hassle, but with the way my heart was blessed today I wouldn’t change all of this for anything- I am so grateful for this whole experience for how it has brought me to trust in my savior that much more! God is always good in every circumstance- HEΒ  will prove himself faithful.


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