354 days.

My handsome peaceful little boy- 5 days young :)

I can not believe that my baby will be a year soon?!?! Where did 354 days go?  In less than two weeks my sweet little baby will be my big boy! I am starting to get so sentimental about everything- I mean even tv shows that were on when he was just a couple days old are bringing back memories of the first time I held him- how it felt to have all of my heart just resting against my chest for the first time, the sleepless nights, the immense love that I felt for the first time that He smiled at me, how when he first crawled (which really was like a catepillar crawl) to reach for a toy I was as proud as I have ever been. I know all of these memories are rushing back because I am relentlessly putting things together for his birthday party & going through tons of pictures & reliving a lot of AMAZING moments= & I don’t know whether to be happy or sad right now? I am happy because God has blessed me when an amazing year with my little family- & sad because this marks the end of something- the end of the first year with my Shane & Ill never have this special time back. & it really has been so special- there are hundreds of moments in this last year that I could never forgot…I have locked them away in my heart FOREVER-

Thank you God for 354 days with my baby boy- I am so grateful.


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