birthday boy.

Shane Bop,

Today is your 1st birthday & there are so many things racing through my mind- so many memories. I remember at this time last year I was wondering if you would ever come. What it would be like to hold you for the first time. How I would feel when we first laid eyes on each other- the little baby that I had been carrying inside of me for nine long months. I remember when I first held you I just felt complete & overwhelmed with how healthy & beautiful you were- AMAZED that you grew inside of me & were able to survive- it is still amazes me & is a miracle from God.

There is so many things I could write about this last year of your life. Everything that I have learned. Everything that you have taught me. You have changed my life in ways I could never explain. You have showed me love & made me feel love that I have never felt before. It is like I see the good in the world all over again because when I look at your sweet innocent face that is all you see. You see Mommy & Daddy & all is well- that is all you know. I know that you will not always have that kind of innocence, but I am enjoying it while I can. You have made me a better person. I know that I LOVE deeper because of you- you have turned me into a total mush- the people in my life that I love I have to tell- I never want to leave a word unsaid. You have made me more appreciative of the people around me how fragile life is & how it is such a gift to have had this last year with you. You have made me appreciative of every day. You bring light & joy to EVERY day. Your smile & laugh mean the world to me & I know they always will.

Little man, you are not my baby boy anymore- you are my 1 year old. I can not even believe it,but I will always remember on this day every year how it felt to touch you for the first time, the joy & love that overcame me when I became a mom, the way you laid in my arms & how you found comfort in my touch & voice. my heart is so full of love for you & it always will be. happy birthday to my sweet boy.

love always,

your momma xoxoxoxo

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1 year old!!!


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