sisters. friends.

i can still remember the day when my first baby sister entered my life. i was 5 years old & she was the one thing that i prayed for every night before i went to bed  my prayer went something like this “God please give me a sister i don’t like having my own room.” & then 2 years later when i was 7 i was blessed with another little sister :0

my sisters mean more to me than any other girls that are in my life. i can not imagine a single day with out them. i am so thankful for the gift of two amazing, beautiful, & talented sisters.there is something about your sister that is different than just a friend-it is more than that it runs deeper. you share all the same childhood stories- they have seen you at your worse (& trust me my sisters will tell you my very WORSE) & yet they love you anyways. they look past your flaws & see the person that you really are.

my sisters live 3,000 miles away from me & i have been away from home for the last 6 years. i have not been able to be around them daily or spend all the quality time with them as i would like to & i miss them. i miss their smiles. their laughs. their silly ways. i miss them. but i am thankful that this time apart has helped us grow closer & really get to know each other & they are both beautiful girls on the inside & outside.

so happy birthday rachel & rebekah. i love you with all my heart.

<3 sarah

wisdom teeth. out.

before surgery

so this morning after 4 years of being a baby & putting off getting my wisdom teeth taken out- i finally did it. well, my body kind of forced me to because i put it off so long that i got an infection & therefore was forced to get those babies taken out.i was so nervous this morning- i am a do not do too well with pain & the unknown- i worry. i stress. i panic that something will go wrong & then i remember to pray & God gives me the strength.

post surgery :0 swollen lips & cheeks & all

i knew i would need his strength today not only for the pain of surgery, but because it was going to be the first day that i would be away from my baby for more than 4 hours. i have never been away from shane or not spent the day with him in all of his 13 months- lets just say that this momma is attached to her baby boy- it is just who i am as a mom. at first i thought that it would be kinda nice to just be able to sit & read, watch some t.v., catch up on some of my favorite blogs & edit some pictures as i was recovering from my surgery. & even though i needed the rest i missed my little man & i started to realize no matter where my baby was or what he was doing away from me- he was always on my mind & my “job” of mom never ends & i am okay with that- this little man has stolen my heart & it is not my own anymore.

oh & i just have to brag for a little bit on my amazing hubby! he pampered me & took such good care of me all day- thank you justin from being such a wonderful husband & daddy :) thank you for being the person i can ALWAYS rely one. love you

hope you all had a wonderful monday :)

<3 Sarah

my dream for you


sometimes i wonder what you will be like when you are older? what you will look like? what you will act like? what kind of person that you will be? what kind of relationship we will have? where you will live? what you will do with your life? if you will get married? how many kids you have? ( i hope a lot :))

i dream for you. i dream that your life will be lived & that others will know that you lived. that you will chase your dreams & know that you can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to. i want you to always remember that i believe in you & believe that you can become anything you set your mind out to be.

my dreams for you:

i dream that you will be honest

i dream that you will have strong character

i dream that you will love God with all your heart

i dream that you will treat people with respect

i dream that you will find what you LOVE & chase that with your WHOLE heart

i dream that you will grow to be a strong, healthy man

i dream that you will have a wife & family to love & to love you

i dream that you life will matter for eternity

i dream that you will make a difference here on this earth

i dream that you will believe in yourself & that talents that God has blessed you with

i dream that you will never lose your sensitive heart

i dream that you will try your best to be the best that you can be.

i dream because i believe in you- i believe that you will be able to do ANYTHING. i am so excited to see all the great things that you will do with the life God has blessed you with & always remember it is from God :) i love you with all my heart forever & ever.


mommy :)

the eyes of a child.

the other day justin & i were able to take shane to one of our favorite places to spend the afternoon- tom’s farms. it is quaint little farmers market with restaurants, fresh produce, the most amazing sour dough bread, & a couple rides for the kiddos. this was the first time we took shane on the train there & he LOVED it!

i love experiencing new things with my little man- to see the wonder & excitement in his eyes when he is able to try something new is one of the MANY things i love about being a momma to this little boy. you start to see the world in a different light. everything becomes brand-new because you see it through the eyes of a child & that is when the world is so lovely & at it’s purest state-it is such a breathe of fresh air. i am cherishing these moments, taking them all in because they are passing too fast & they are what makes this life so beautiful & amazing.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend spending time with the people you love: make memories, cherish the time, & try to see the world through the eyes of a child.


photo friday.

shanes new favorite snack-he thinks he is a big boy

visiting auntie ash at the apple store- shane was all ready to sell with his get-up

my new obsession thanks to dan

at rubios with mommy & daddy

beautiful ride home

bell buckle & pancake pantry.

(another little post from our amazing vacation in the beautiful state of tennessee :))

one of my favorite things we did while in tn was spending the afternoon in this adorable little town called bell buckle- it was straight out of a magazine: little vintage shops, a famous breakfast spot, homemade ice cream store, a train in the middle of the town, & an unusual fascination with the moon pie- which i never tried because its all marshmallow & i am not a fan of marshmallows :/

(a 1940’s vintage quilt that i had fallen in love with: too bad it had a steep price tag :/)


i loved spending the afternoon taking pictures, perusing the shops, & eating some old fashion candies :) just loved being with my family in this cute little town


the next day we took an early morning trip to nashville to visit the famous “pancake pantry” & i can see why it is famous. it was the best pancakes i have ever had- they were really so delicious & a perfect way to start our fun-filled day.



the amazing chocolate chip pancakes…nom nom!



trip to tennessee.

last month we were able to meet my parents & sisters in tn for a little r&r in a little log cabin in the woods of tennessee complete with a farm next door & horses in the backyard- oh & no cell phone reception or internet so we really got to step back & breathe & escape busy everyday life. it is a time that i will never forget. just being able to be in such a peaceful & relaxing environment with the people that i love most in this world was priceless. my family is so amazing with shane & it melts my heart. my parents & sisters could not love him more! & because we live so far from them it makes times like these that we are able to spend together that much more amazing.

dad & shane watching espn (always espn…)

our backyard

taking a hike

not the greatest picture, but there was an amazing lighting storm that lasted for over 5 hours one night- we were all able to just sit on the porch in amazement as the night sky was lit up with the most beautiful lighting i have ever seen.

beautiful flowers while out for morning walk

shane LOVED this claw foot tub :)


enjoy :)

<3 Sarah