the one you need.

the other day i was introduced to the worship band “shane & shane” well there music is amazing & their name even more amazing:):)

 this song really hit home with me- please read the words they are beautiful. if you have children it will especially mean something to you.

 i know that there will be times when i fail shane when i disappoint him. when he realizes my imperfections & that i am not the person that he can always rely on. this breaks my heart in some senses because i really wish i could be perfect for him that i would never hurt him or wrong him, but i know that i am only human. it makes me so thankful though that shane can have a relationship with someone that will NEVER fail him- can NEVER hurt him, can NEVER leave him, can NEVER forsake him, can NEVER disappoint him. this gives me so much strength as a mother knowing that God is seeking out shane- that He wants to have a relationship with him- He wants him to trust him. until the day that shane accepts God’s gift i will be praying & leading shane towards God’s love.

lyrics: the one you need// shane & shane

Hey, hey, sweet daugther
I am so proud to be your father
Each day’s like a gift from God.

Hey hey sweet daughter
There’s no music like your laughter
And your smile is like a rising sun.

You know I love you from the start
So come in close take my hand
While daddy shares his heart.

I wish that I could be your everything
Be the one who give you all the things you need
Sometimes I am gonna let you down
But there is a way if you just believe
He’ll be your hero like He’s always been for me
Daughter Jesus is the one you need.

No matter what you walk through
He will always love you
Just the way you are.

for there’s nothing in this world
There all for my baby girl
Until be happy ever after.

The history at your life still untold
I pray the King of all the universe, will make your heart His home.



2 thoughts on “the one you need.

  1. i just discovered shane and shane not that long ago too … and i LOVE them … actually on my most recent post my daughter is worshiping to one of their songs!

  2. Beautiful lyrics! I’ll have to give them a listen.

    & So true! I was just thinking the same thing about Audrey, how I want to be the absolute best for her but realistically, I can’t be perfect as much as I want to & that we are doing the best with God’s help.

    Very encouraging post Sarah! :)

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