when i decided to start this blog- i decided that i was going to be honest about what i wrote. i know that in the “blogging world” sometimes you tend to lose your grip on reality because all you see & read is what the person wants you to read- most people don’t post the pictures of their family looking a mess, their house a disaster, or even write about their true feelings- i think that sometimes this can breed discontentment in our hearts because we see how very “perfect” other peoples lives are- we read about how much they love their families, all the fabulous things they do & we think our lives should be like that everyday- sorry about my ramble & well all that to say i am going to write about something that was really hard for me after i had shane- & please know that having shane was one of the best things that has ever happened to me & being a mom is my greatest joy, but with that comes sacrifices & ones i wasn’t really prepared for.

when shane came along i thought that everything would be the same in a sense only better :) & in SO many ways it is everything that i dreamed that it would be, but sometimes i miss the freedom that justin & i had- to just get up & go & do whatever. i was looking through our old pictures of all our date nights, vacations, weekend trips with friend, late night outings, & all sorts of spontaneous adventures. i forget now what it is like to have a date planned every week & to think what are we just gonna go do this weekend. i love spending time with my husband he really is my best friend. i remember how nice it was to get up & just GO, but in ALL honesty EVERY little sacrifice is worth it for my little man! i am so thankful for his life & even though nowadays when we go out we have to think about nap schedules & how long we can be out before their is a total meltdown & date nights are few & far between- i wouldn’t change it for all the freedom in the world. i guess that what it is to be a parent if everyone was honest at times it is hard & there are sacrifices that you have to make for your children, but unconditional love requires unconditional sacrifice= & for my baby boy i would sacrifice my life.

//here are some pictures of some great memories that justin & i have been able to make together- i am so thankful for the time that we did have together before shane, but i am even more thankful for ALL the amazing memories we are making as a family of three :)

hawaii//15 weeks preggers

the venetian//las vega,nv

hiking//catalina island,ca

angels game//anaheim,ca

concert in the park//date night :)


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