everyday life.

i am so thankful for everyday life with my two boys & especially today

some of the things we do:

.play together

.read countless book

.go for walks

.take a trip to target(well it seems like everyday :/)

.sit outside & play in the yard

.laugh & smile

.talk & share our day

.family dinner

.kiss & hug

.say tons of iloveyous

.pray & snuggle

my boys are my world. they light up my life like nothing else & with out them my world would be so different & i can not even imagine. today has made me thankful for myΒ  life with my babies, because 10 years ago that everyday life was ripped away from so many families & i can not even imagine the despair & emptiness that people felt on that september day. i feel at a lost for words when i think about the heartache that so many are feeling on today for the lose of someone they loved so dearly- my heart goes out to them & it makes me so grateful for another day i have with all the people i love.

i remembered today to hold my boys tighter & love them deeper,because we are NEVER guaranteed another breathe & we never know when our world could be flipped upside down- i am so deeply thankful for all the men & women that have sacrificed their lives & continue to sacrifice to give us peace of mind & freedom to live in the beautiful country of america! 9/11/01:never forget.



2 thoughts on “everyday life.

  1. I know, I could not help but think of all the kids who were orphaned & even the children who lost their lives. My heart breaks to think of it.

    Life is really is a vapor.

    // p.s. Love the photos of your little family!

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