the eyes of a child.

the other day justin & i were able to take shane to one of our favorite places to spend the afternoon- tom’s farms. it is quaint little farmers market with restaurants, fresh produce, the most amazing sour dough bread, & a couple rides for the kiddos. this was the first time we took shane on the train there & he LOVED it!

i love experiencing new things with my little man- to see the wonder & excitement in his eyes when he is able to try something new is one of the MANY things i love about being a momma to this little boy. you start to see the world in a different light. everything becomes brand-new because you see it through the eyes of a child & that is when the world is so lovely & at it’s purest state-it is such a breathe of fresh air. i am cherishing these moments, taking them all in because they are passing too fast & they are what makes this life so beautiful & amazing.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend spending time with the people you love: make memories, cherish the time, & try to see the world through the eyes of a child.



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