wisdom teeth. out.

before surgery

so this morning after 4 years of being a baby & putting off getting my wisdom teeth taken out- i finally did it. well, my body kind of forced me to because i put it off so long that i got an infection & therefore was forced to get those babies taken out.i was so nervous this morning- i am a do not do too well with pain & the unknown- i worry. i stress. i panic that something will go wrong & then i remember to pray & God gives me the strength.

post surgery :0 swollen lips & cheeks & all

i knew i would need his strength today not only for the pain of surgery, but because it was going to be the first day that i would be away from my baby for more than 4 hours. i have never been away from shane or not spent the day with him in all of his 13 months- lets just say that this momma is attached to her baby boy- it is just who i am as a mom. at first i thought that it would be kinda nice to just be able to sit & read, watch some t.v., catch up on some of my favorite blogs & edit some pictures as i was recovering from my surgery. & even though i needed the rest i missed my little man & i started to realize no matter where my baby was or what he was doing away from me- he was always on my mind & my “job” of mom never ends & i am okay with that- this little man has stolen my heart & it is not my own anymore.

oh & i just have to brag for a little bit on my amazing hubby! he pampered me & took such good care of me all day- thank you justin from being such a wonderful husband & daddy :) thank you for being the person i can ALWAYS rely one. love you

hope you all had a wonderful monday :)

<3 Sarah


2 thoughts on “wisdom teeth. out.

  1. Oh you poor thing! Two years ago I had all for wisdom teeth pulled PLUS 4 other teeth in preparation for getting braces!! I was SO scared since it was my first surgery ever. I was more scared about being put to sleep than anything else. Glad you are having a good recovery though. Mine was awful :( The pain meds made me really sick and I couldn’t keep anything down for days. On the bright side…I lost like 5 pounds from not being able to eat lol! Take care momma!

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