it happens once a year.

it happens once a year.

we get in the car & head north to a little apple farm.

we dress in our fall clothes- & i LOVE it.

we pick some apples.

we bring home a pumpkin.

we take lots of pictures.

we eat a caramel apple.yum.

we lay in the grass & stare at the mountains.

we sit under our favorite tree & take in the beauty of the mountains in the fall.

we have an amazing day with our friends.

this has been happening every years since justin & i were dating. it was one of our favorite things to do. & i look forward to it every year. it marks the beginning of our fall & this makes me happy. i love this little traditions of ours & i hope it never stops. here is some pictures of our lovely trip to the mountains.



anthropolgie pillow diy.

the other day i was shopping at anthropolgie & i came across these little beauties- i am pretty sure they were intended for fabric napkins.

i knew that i could make something great out of them & i thought ahh i will make a pillow they are the perfect size. so i bought two & for only $3 a piece-i love sales*.

this pattern is so beautiful & i thought would go perfectly in my living room. i have bought several pillows from anthropologie, but they usually have a very steep price tag. so this was the perfect thing. beautiful & inexpensive.

so here is a little tutorial on how i was able to make these. & please know that i am not an expert when it comes to sewing. my mom taught me to sew when i was 12 & i have made pillows, a skirt, & a couple random things here & there. so i am not technically the best, but i have fun making things :)

1. flip both fabrics on their backs & pin together

2. sew three & a half sides

3. flip fabric inside out so that the fabric is showing.

4. stuff pillow form or pillow stuffing into fabric where you left an opening.

5. sew the rest of the pillow up by hand or with the machine.

& viola! a beautiful pillow that only cost $6. seriously? that is amazing.

i am so happy with the way this turned out & it really was so easy.

let me know if you try anything similar- i would love to see it :)

thanks, sarah

photo friday.

our week:instagrams

apple picking. he loves me.

cuddles with daddy.

playing in the backyard

sweet sugar from my babes.


shopping/so many shanes.

out to eat with momma & dadda

going for a swim in october- that is why i love socal.

crazy driver.


hope everyone has a wonderful & relaxing weekend.


<3 sarah



for as long as i can remember i have been a dreamer. when i was little i would dream of having a family, a husband & a couple little kiddos- a perfect little life. i would dream of doing something that i LOVED maybe a teacher, a doctor, or an artist & now that i am all grown up i still dream & i hope i never stops.

what i dream for my life:

I dream to change the world: to make a difference in the lives of others.

I dream that my photography would touch people in a special way.

I dream that my life will be lived to the fullest for others.

I dream that the talents God has given me will be used for His glory & i will sharpen my talents & NEVER stop learning.

I dream to travel & to capture the beauty of our amazing world.

I dream to truly leave my mark here on this earth.

I dream to raise children that believe in God & that believe in themselves.

I dream of having a long and happy life with Justin- that we will be able to see our family grow together & be proud of the life we have created together

I dream to daily become a better person- kind. forgiving. selfless. true. honest. loving. giving. & faithful.

I dream of starting an non-profit organization that changes lives.

I dream.

& I pray that I never stop because it pushes me- it helps me. it strengthens me.

what do you dream for your life?


love. & marriage.

i am so thankful for parents that have loved each other for 31 years today. parents that have kept the promises they made to God. they have stood by each other through thick & thin. i have learned so many valuable things from my parents marriage, but the greatest is commitment. to have such a wonderful example is such a blessing.

i love you mom & dad & thank you for always loving each other. happy 31st anniversary!


the grove. la.

last weekend we were able to go to LA for the day & it was so wonderful. i love LA. i love the art, the style, & the beautiful surrounding. i don’t think i could live there, but i don’t mind living an hour away :) justin & i will be making many more trips down to hunt for the perfect vintage furniture for our house & anything unique that catches our eye.

here is some pictures :) loved spending the day with justin, shane, jessica, & kristin: some of my favorites.

hope you had a great weekend.