diy planter.

i love anything natural & organic looking & that is why i LOVE these planters that are hanging in my kitchen. they bring a little bit of the outdoors in & the bring a warmth into my kitchen that is painted a very cool blue. it makes for a nice contrast (although in these pictures you can not really see the actual shade of blue-it really is beautiful)

i showed justin this idea on pinterest from this blog & asked him nicely if you could build them for me :)

so here is how justin put these together for me- he is the best seriously. i have several diy that i have not posted yet of things he has done around our house that are AMAZING- he is such a talented & artistic person. i am so blessed he is ALL mine <3


-6 mason jar (either michaels or second hand store) i got mine at a flea market super cheap :0

-1 fence panel (found at home depot)

-6 vent clamps (found at home depot)

-6 2.5 inch drywall screws

-1 jar of wood stain

-plants of your choice- i did succulents because i have been known to kill all sorts of plants so i opted for the ones that are supposed to be pretty impossible to kill & plus they are super gorgeous.

-potting soil

-an electric drill

-chop saw

1. re-pot your plants into the mason jars putting in the potting soil as well.

2. cut the fence panel into thirds with a chop saw or something similar ( you will only need to use 2, but you can use all 3 if you like)

3. stain the fence panel

4. wrap vent clamps around mason jars

5. place dry-wall screws in back of fence panel & screw into wall with a drill (repeat 5 more times to secure both fence panels & jars into the wall

6. admire your new beautiful planter :)

i hope you enjoyed this little project. it really is one of my favorite things in our house. i love the contrast of all the different plants & i think that if you did a little indoor herb garden instead of decorative plants that would be AMAZING as well :)

<3 sarah


2 thoughts on “diy planter.

  1. LOVE this hun!! I saw the SAME pin and did this in my kitchen for a little herb garden in the winter!! LOVE!! XOXO!

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