catch up.

these last two weeks have been relaxing, stressful, wonderful, enlightening, encouraging, busy, & fun.

shane & i ventured off to CT two weeks ago to visit my family & friends- WE HAD A WONDERFUL TIME. shane loves spending time with his grandparents & aunties & uncle & vice versa. we were all over spending time with as many people as we could fit in & it was such a great time. & i had one of the most relaxing/fun days i have had in a couple years- i spend the day in NYC with my best friend(post to follow soon) it was perfect-everything about the day.

from our trip in CT shane & i jetted off to south carolina to visit old friends & attend our cousin cristies wedding as well as spend time with justins brother nathaniel who had never seen shane before- every moment was great.

& then it seemed like before we knew it we were yet again off flying home & at least this time i had help with shane. i am so thankful that i have justin. i have so much respect for single parents- i don’t know how you do it. just knowing that justin was there to help me made everything so much easier.

i LOVED every minute of our travelling/ vacation, but i can say that i am so thankful to be home in my own bed & not to be living out of a suite case.

also i am glad to be back into my routine & i can keep up with my blog a little better now that i am at home & settled in :)

hope you have a happy tuesday<3

with love,



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