dear shane

Dear Shane,

You have been growing so much these last couple months & I can not believe all that you are learning. It seems like every morning when I wake up you have learned something new & it amazes me- you amaze me :) I am such a proud momma & I really can not help it.

God has blessed me with an amazing son. I hope that i NEVER lose sight of that- I want to always believe in you & always be there for you. I see so many parent/child relationships that are torn & at a distance. I pray that never happens with us- that both of our hearts will always be focused on Christ & that we will always be a close family.


I TREASURE our family. It is God’s greatest gift to me here on earth & I will always treasure it. I will pray for it. I will fight for it. I will sacrifice for it. I wanted to write you & tell you this in case I ever lose sight of that- Remind me. Remind me what I wrote to you. I pray that I can be the mom that you need & a mom that points your heart towards Christ- a mom that trusts you & that leads you to the truth.

I love you baby boy & I pray that I can be the mom that God has intended me to be :)

Love always,



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