2 years ago today…

2 years ago today…

i took my first pregnancy test & it was slightly positive…

my husband didn’t believe me

one of my best friends assured me i was pregnant

i didn’t know what to think?

so the next day we headed to CT for our Christmas vacation & I still didn’t know if I was REALLY pregnant- I was late & irritable,but it still wasn’t enough to convince me that this was really happening- that there was a little baby forming inside of me.

we get to the airport & nothing justin can do is right- he rushes ahead of me so we don’t miss our flight & I accuse him of trying to leave me behind- seriously I thought to myself where are these emotions coming from? i don’t even know? i start to think maybe I really am pregnant & that faint pink line was telling the truth. I tell Justin again & he still doesn’t believe me.

We arrive to my parents house & I am starting to feel so tired & nauseous & I am starting to believe that this is ALL real -I am indeed pregnant. I give myself one more day to wait to see if the test will come out more definite…

The next morning I sneak into the bathroom before anyone gets up. I nervously take the test all while knowing that if this test ends up negative I am not going to know what to do- at this point I had convinced myself that this was really happening & I knew that I would be so crushed if the test ended up being negative. I waited for what seemed like the longest thirty seconds of my life & there it was two solid lines forming a +. I can still remember like it was yesterday I looked into the mirror & screamed to myself, cried, & did one of those happy dances all in one…

In that moment I knew that my life would never be the same. I cared for someone now more than myself & the only thing I could think to do was pray- pray for God’s protection & safety on my baby & it’s life. I became a mom the second I saw a positive on that test because my heart has never grown so much in my entire life- in an instant I knew I would spend the rest of my life praying, caring, & sacrificing for someone that I would always love moreย  than myself & this had to be one of the most beautiful moments of my life & such a WONDERFULย  early christmas present :)



2 thoughts on “2 years ago today…

  1. This is beautiful Sarah. I too felt like I became a mother the instant I looked at that pregnancy test :) Oh and btw, I’ve made the hot chocolate recipe you guest posted on my blog twice now and it is AHmazing!!!

    Hope you have a great day hun!

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