a new year & new beginnings

I can not believe that 2011 is in the past. I feel like it flew by & was such a memorable year for us as a family.

This year:

-Justin & I bought our first house-this has been such a blessing & a creative outlet (this year I am going to be dedicated a couple posts a month to home-improvement & DIY’s around our house [stay tuned]

-Justin & I watched our son laugh, crawl, & walk for the first time- he grew before our eyes & we fell more in love with him every moment.

– I loved deeper- this year I have learned to love in a different way- Christ has changed me & has used my little boy to open my eyes to true love.

-Justin, Shane, & I traveled- 5 different states, 15 different airplanes, & Connecticut 4 times. We made memories I know we will remember for a lifetime

-I started a blog. I never knew I would love blogging so much- .Β  I am enjoying recording our life & meeting new people in this blogging community.

– I joined the gym & it has been one of the best outlets for me. I have fallen in love with running & I hope to be able to do a couple 5k’s this year & work up from there.

-We made new family traditions- spending quality time with my lil family doing simple things to bring us together has been so much fun!

-We have learned to give a little more & sacrifice. I believe God has really taught us that this year & I hope that he continues to mold our hearts to give more & more each year to those in need.

-We have draw closer to God & each other & this has been one of my greatest joys this year.

I am so thankful for another year & a new beginning. I love this stage of life that I am in & can not wait to see what happens this year.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



2 thoughts on “a new year & new beginnings

  1. What a year for your family! I’m so jealous you bought a house :) That will hopefully be on our goals for next year. Thanks for your lovely comment over yonder at our blog. Glad to have found yours. Your family is just darling.

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