it can wait: a new years resolution

I don’t always make new years resolutions, but this year I really needed a “new” start. ever since we moved into our new house there has always been something that needed to be cleaned, fixed, organized, & rearranged…& sometimes that would leave me feeling overwhelmed in all the directions I was getting pulled in- cleaning, taking care of my baby, making meals, grocery shopping, blogging, & taking care of my photography clients. SO SO many days I wouldn’t even stop toΒ  REALLY enjoy my little man that was growing up in front of me. I wouldn’t take quality time to just sit with him & just be his mom. I was too busy doing dishes, cleaning up his messes, shopping, keeping up on the internet, checking my phone, & any other thing that grabbed my attention.

So this year I made a commitment to myself & God that this would change. I will live in the moments & days that God has blessed me with. We only ever have TODAY. & it has hit me like a ton of bricks. Well today I took that time & it was one of those special life-changing times where you realize what is REALLY important- when things are put in perspective: Shane needed to go down for a nap & I usually just sing him a couple songs & then lay him down & he falls right to sleep, but today I decided I would rock him, hold him, & pray with & for him. Spending that time with God & my baby was one of the most precious times I have had for a long time.

It was encouraging & refreshing & that is when I realized this is better than a perfect house, edited photos, folded laundry, & clean kitchen. So for now all of it can wait because he is too important to not treasure.

<3 Sarah


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