faux bookshelf- a DIY by Justin

Today I am having my husband, Justin, guest post. He is a talented artist & do it yourselfer( i think i made up that word), but I am so thankful to have him around the house to make so many of our ideas come to life. Here is one of my favorite projects that we have done in the house.

Building a bookshelf as a DIY project was challenging for me because of all the work that goes into to making a shelf with the proper support and framing especially on a rounded wall. I simplified the process so that i could fit books on our unique curved wall. I did end up destroying the books in the process, but i just cared about looks not content. This project ended up bringing so much color and interest to the room, it was worth sacrificing the books. Here are some steps that i took to make this wall standout as a feature wall, steps that anyone can take whether your wall is curved or straight.

Basic materials that i used to complete the projects:

  1. 2″x4″ cut to length of the wall
  2. moulding
  3. paint
  4. books (found at thrift stores)
  5. double sided adhesive tape

Before i could use the 2’x4’s as support i had to make hundreds of cuts into the back of the board so that i could bend the wood to the curve of the wall. I then screwed the wood into the studs behind the sheet rock. With the wood in place i was able to cover it with molding i purchased at Home Depot. After applying the molding I covered all the nail holes and cuts with a wood putty. This allowed the pieces to look like one solid piece.

My theory in using a black paint was that it would help mask the depth of the short books.

Using double sided adhesive Sarah and I could simply just stick the books to the wall.

What took some time was cutting all the books to a length that would fit on the wall. For this project it took about 250 books

It was fun to layout all the books and letters and see it come together.

I hope this gives you some good ideas & even inspires you to start building & decorating in your own home




5 thoughts on “faux bookshelf- a DIY by Justin

    • Yay! That is exactly what we were going for! We wanted it to look real. So glad you think so & I felt kinda bad about cutting up all those books, but I am so happy with how it turned out.

  1. this is soo awesome Sarah! and I SPY ANTHRO LETTERS!!! I was in the NYC one yesterday….totally going back to get some of the letters to use in sessions! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! :)

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