Photo friday

Instagram is such a fun way to keep track of your life. If you are not on it & you have an iPhone you are really missing out. Here is a recap of our week according to my iPhone.


My weekly thrift finds. I seriously got all of these clothes for $10. I can not even believe that sometimes. I got a j.crew sweater. Gap sweater. Gap striped pants. & 5 vintage shirts & one total bust! Sometimes I see something & think it will be awesome & get home only to realize it wasn’t really as awesome as I thought. Oh well, you win some you lose some.


Being a stay at home mom I make my own schedule & sometimes if I travel a ways to do something Shane needs to sleep in the car. Here we are. Me reading. Him sleeping.


Yes it is January & yes Shane is playing in a sprinkler. It has been in the 80’s all week & I am loving it!


Chick fil a lunch date with momma.


Sunshine here in California has been wonderful!

Hope you had a great week. I am so excited for this weekend :)



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