yarn flower a d.i.y.

We bought this amazing birdcage at a vintage shop in downtown orange a couple months ago & we have been changing it out every season. it has been one of my favorite things to change up in our house. i love that it is always new & different. & it helps me think of different creative way to decorate.

I saw some of these yarn flowers on pinterest (where all good ideas come from- ;) & I knew that I could use them somewhere in the house to add a detail & personal touch & that somewhere just happens to be in our fabulous birdcage.

Here is a little “how to make” these little yarn flowers. They really turned out better than I thought they would. They are so cute.

1. start wrapping yarn around your finger/fingers (the more fingers you wrap the yarn around the bigger it will be & the more yarn you wrap around your finger/fingers the thicker the flower will be

2&3.dig the inside string out from inside your two finger & start to wrap it around the middle of the yarn ball & take the other end of the string & wrap that around too together

4.tie the two strings together pretty tightly

5.take your yarn ball & cut the edges of the yarn & then go back & make sure you did not miss any of the strings & fluff it out

6. viola! a pretty yarn flower.

I did several different colors & sizes & this is what I ended up with:

I hope this is helpful & gives you some good ideas to start crafting & decorating in your own house.



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