just the two of us

i love staying home with shane. it is something that i have always known that i wanted to do. i knew i didn’t want to miss out on those once in a lifetime moments with my little man. & i will be first to say that their are plenty of challenges staying at home, but it really is the most rewarding thing i have done in my life so far. i know that i am impacting a life & to me their is something so amazing about knowing that you are giving of your life & time for someone else- as a mother i think that this was put in me from the very beginning & i am thankful.

& the little guy that i get to stay home & take care of is someone very special. i just can see it already. he is going to be a wonderful person. he makes me laugh. he makes me cry. he makes me smile. he makes me feel like the most important person in the world because for right now, for this short time i am just that- his everything. i am holding on to these moments. the cuddles. the kisses. the hugs. the dances. the playing. the glimpses. the way he looks into my eyes: it is all so beautiful being a momma.

we have the best of time together, my baby & me.


first snow

justin has been so busy the last couple weeks & has been working 6 days a week almost 13-14 hour days. sometimes that is just life when you are a business owner. so this past friday he decided to take off & we would all take a little day-cation up to the mountains to see the snow. it was a perfect day for us as a family & shane loved it because we found a playground that had swings-this little man lives for the swings seriously, nothing makes him happier than being one whope you


hope you have a happy wednesday!