a first sentence?!?!


When did you grow up? You are 21 months! (I will not admit that you are almost 2)

Every single day you amaze me! There are sentences coming out of your month-that is right sentences. They aren’t that profound, but I am so proud of you!

You are saying things like:

-“I want to watch elmo” your current favorite monster & show

-“It’s a rug” not sure where this came from?

-“momma (a-phoo-f)//your word for dog [we will not let you live this down]

-“momma let’s eat eat”

Those are most of your sentences for now,but I can not even believe that this is where you are at already- it is so fun & exciting, but I am trying so hard to cherish it at the same time.

I never believed people when they said that time flies by when you have children, but trust me it does! I think it is because I just LOVE everyday with you little man. You make everything funnier, brighter, & happier. You really are my little sunshine.

I love you little man!

-Your Momma