here is to 28 years.

birthdays are kinda a big deal in this house. it is something i get from my mom. she always knew how to do birthdays right- breakfast in bed, presents, no chores, & your favorite meals for lunch & supper. i know right? she is the best!

well, i love birthdays & i love celebrating. i love making people feel special & especially justin!

so here is a little of glimpse of justin’s 28th birthday.

[shane writing in/on his card for daddy]

[birthday breakfast spread/ pancakes & bacon/ a special little present]

[welcome to the iPhone world]


i just need to say that i could not be more thankful or grateful for the person that he is & everything that he does for our family. he works harder & has more drive than any other person i know. he loves. he is faithful. he is kind & giving. he is all ours- shane & i are truly so blessed! we love you, babe!

i am back

i have been gone from my little blog for quite some time. i have missed it, but there have been other valuable things that have been taken up my time.

A little recap of the past couple months:


-my best friend came & surprised me for my birthday

-i turned 25 ( a quarter of a century?) I am starting to feel old

-shane turned 19 months & began to gain more & more personality

-we visited another bestie in AZ for easter & had the best time.

-we had plenty of day trips -LACMA, the beach, a local farm, & lots of shopping

-i got a new fancy camera ( mark 2- i love you)

-i did a 10 day juice cleanse & it has changed everything about the way i eat.


-we took shane to his first beach bomb fire & it was a blast! he is a beach/water baby!

-a friend i lost touch with for a couple years came to visit & our friendship was renewed! i am so thankful for the time we had together.

-i took shane to sea world for the first time- everything elmo?!?! shane was in heaven- oh & the turtles (it is his new favorite word)

-i celebrated my 2nd mothers day & was spoiled for the whole day by my two favorite guys!

-we took a trip to colorado for justins brothers wedding

here are a few highlights of the past two months. we always have the best time together & i am so thankful for every moment we spend together