here is to 28 years.

birthdays are kinda a big deal in this house. it is something i get from my mom. she always knew how to do birthdays right- breakfast in bed, presents, no chores, & your favorite meals for lunch & supper. i know right? she is the best!

well, i love birthdays & i love celebrating. i love making people feel special & especially justin!

so here is a little of glimpse of justin’s 28th birthday.

[shane writing in/on his card for daddy]

[birthday breakfast spread/ pancakes & bacon/ a special little present]

[welcome to the iPhone world]


i just need to say that i could not be more thankful or grateful for the person that he is & everything that he does for our family. he works harder & has more drive than any other person i know. he loves. he is faithful. he is kind & giving. he is all ours- shane & i are truly so blessed! we love you, babe!


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