23 months

mom’s say this all the time, but really? where did my baby go? i can not even believe that Shane is 23 months today. the last 23 months are almost indescribable. becoming a parent has changed my life & it really has been all for the better.

the other night justin & i were sitting with shane on the hammock in our backyard & showing him the stars & we started to sing twinkle, twinkle, little star & as soon as we ended shane is his sweet as can be little voice sang “twintle twintle…high…twintle twintle…sky…twintle twintle..high.” it was the most precious thing i have ever heard, in that moment i needed to pinch myself as i was sitting there with my two favorite people & as justin & i were just soaking in all the pride & joy that our little man brings to our life. all i can say is… i feel so blessed & undeserving to have had this little guy in my life for the last 23 months.

This month Shane is:

-learning a new word almost everyday

-recognizing so many different places (when we pull up to chick-fil-a “eat, eat” & “moo,moo”)

-recognizing different letters of the alphabet (A,B,E,F,O,W & a couple others)

-feeding himself with a Β fork & spoon (well, most of the time)

-trying sometimes to go on the potty (well it has only been twice, but we are trying)

-trying to kick & float in the pool

-communicating his wants/needs & it makes everything so much easier

-trying so hard to have conversations with justin & i

This month Shane loves:

-“ashes, ashes” (aka ring around the rosie)

-feeding the ducks at our local pond, especially the baby ones

-“Nickey” (aka Mickey Mouse)

-his baby & binki (aka blanket & pacifier)

-playing in the sand

-pears & waffles

-giving kisses & hugs

-reading & cuddles before bed (i am so lucky that this little guy still loves to cuddle-it makes me heart happy)


i love you little man! happy 23rd month of life.


planting & a pear

this weekend was really laid back for us. we have been so busy the last couple months that the house has kind of gotten neglected & so has some of the projects that we have been wanting to get done. so cleaning & checking some things off the to do list-this was our weekend.

check. we got one of those things done this weekend by sprucing up our front yard with some flowers & new mulch. i know we live a pretty exciting life on the weekend. it may not be to some, but it is to us.

i love watching shane experience new things. this was his first time helping with any type of planting/gardening. he actually did really well although, he wanted to pick a lot of the flowers for me which was sweet,but counter productive.

he starting to become so helpful. it is so cute how he just mimics so much of what justin & i do. he really studies our movements, our words, Β & our actions. he is learning & soaking so much in & it is a beautiful thing to watch him grow & develop into an amazing little person.

oh & that pear never left his hand the whole time he was helping-they are his favorite.



life long friendship & a happy birthday

the older i get the more i realize how rare true, real friends are. i am blessed to say that i have several true friends- not just the ones you hang out with & laugh with, but the ones that cry with you, laugh with you, help you, mold you, & encourage you.

i am thankful for God’s gift of friendship. it really is a beautiful thing to invest into a friendship & see it change & grow over years. i am especially thankful for my best friend who i have know my entire life. this year we celebrate our 25th year of friendship! we have been the best of friend since we were little.

we experienced growing up together. alyson could write a really embarrassing biography about me- really she knows more about me than anyone else. she knows what i was like at 5,10, 15, 20, & 25. she has seen me at my weakest & strongest. & she loves me anyways

so alyson, i want you to know on your birthday how special our friendship is to me. it has brought me through so many phases in my life. you are a constant voice of wisdom & rational thinking. you tell me like it is & i couldn’t be more grateful! you have taught me so many things about God & how to really seek him. i am so proud of you & this new journey you are going to begin! you are always in my prayers & i love you! happy birthday & here is to celebrate 25 more years!!

this & that

this & that from our week

1. resting after doing a crazy dance session in shanes room

2.eating while we shop-smartest kind of shopper there is

3.barnes & noble story hour

4.music time at grandmas

5.panera date

6.first time shane said “ank youu momma”=super proud moment

7.sunset by the lake

8.shane helping daddy work

9.a little iPad time

i hope you all had a great week- here is a little recap of ours

a special kind of love


sometimes it is hard for even to describe the kind of love that i feel for shane. i am sure that so many mothers feel this same way. it is like a extension of your heart & soul. it is almost as if when he was growing inside me not only was shane growing into this little person,but my heart & soul were growing too. they were making room & as he was made part of me was growing in him too- my heart.

sometimes i feel like my heart is not even big enough to contain the love, the hopes, the dreams i have for this little man. i hope he knows that about me as her gets older, as our relationship changes & transforms- my love for him is great. it is unconditional. i pray Β that through this love he will see a much greater love & that is one of my Savior-Jesus Christ.

thank you God for this beautiful blessing of motherhood-it is one of lives greatest gifts!


juice fast & eating right

this might be a kind of long post, but it is a journey that changed my life & the way that i live & think about my body & health.

in april i had decided something needed to change. i have struggled with diets/losing weight since after shane was born almost two years ago. i would go on a diet & then fail & eat something i wasn’t supposed. i would go to the gym & run, but then that was it my work out was done.


i wasn’t seeing the results that i wanted & i was feeling sick, tired, & not like myself. i started researching & watching documentaries on netflix on eating clean & healthy.

i watched fat, sick, & nearly dead. & i decided that i would make the commitment do a juice fast for 10 days. i juiced 4 times a day or whenever i was hungry.

the first couple days were hard- i felt sick, i had a headaches, i had to nap. i honestly could not have done this if i wasn’t a stay at home mom.

by the 5th day my energy was back & i felt great! i felt this confidence in myself for pushing myself to do something that for me was extremely hard- not chewing & not eating was not easy, but i am thankful that i took that step & stuck it out.

during the 10 day cleanse i lost a total of 10lbs. I gained 2.5 lbs back when i started eating again because some of that was just water weight.

after i finished the cleanse it was like my body was new & so were my tastebuds. after reading several books on clean eating & everything that goes into processed food & meat that is produced from major corporations. i decided to try to be a vegan for as long as it felt good. i continued eating healthy unprocessed foods & found a new love for cooking & eating fresh. all of a sudden all these flavors & foods that i never really gave much thought to because i didn’t know how to cook them or what to do with them i started eating & loving.

i have learned so many new healthy recipes & as a result of eating right i started working out & strength training. i can see a huge difference in the way my clothes fit & in my confidence in how i feel about myself- i feel healthy- not just skinny. that always used to be my goal in dieting to look skinny & have that make me feel good, but now i realize that being healthy & fit is so much more important for your life physically & mentally.

i want to be healthy for my son & husband. i want them to be healthy as a result of what i am cooking for them & feeding them.

if anyone has any questions about my juice fast or eating clean- please do not hesitate to email me @ sarahfoxphoto@yahoo.com

here is to a healthy life!

cheers to 5 years + 70 more

cheers to 5 years!

i can not even believe that justin & i just celebrated our 5 year anniversary. it seems unreal. the last 5 years have been the best of my life. they have been complete- it is the best word i can use to describe our life together. i am thankful for EVERY memory that we have made as a family.

so to celebrate we took a little trip sans baby to the ever inspiring & oh so hot palm springs.



we were able to stay at The Parker & it is was perfect. we relaxed, swam, hung out by the pool, shopped, ate amazing food, & ate some more amazing food!

it was so refreshing to spend a couple days together just the two of us. we haven’t been able to do that since shane was born so it was nice to go out to eat & just relax, talk, & really enjoy each others company.

i could not dream of a better man to be married to & spend my life with. i love you, babe Β . here is to 70 more!