juice fast & eating right

this might be a kind of long post, but it is a journey that changed my life & the way that i live & think about my body & health.

in april i had decided something needed to change. i have struggled with diets/losing weight since after shane was born almost two years ago. i would go on a diet & then fail & eat something i wasn’t supposed. i would go to the gym & run, but then that was it my work out was done.


i wasn’t seeing the results that i wanted & i was feeling sick, tired, & not like myself. i started researching & watching documentaries on netflix on eating clean & healthy.

i watched fat, sick, & nearly dead. & i decided that i would make the commitment do a juice fast for 10 days. i juiced 4 times a day or whenever i was hungry.

the first couple days were hard- i felt sick, i had a headaches, i had to nap. i honestly could not have done this if i wasn’t a stay at home mom.

by the 5th day my energy was back & i felt great! i felt this confidence in myself for pushing myself to do something that for me was extremely hard- not chewing & not eating was not easy, but i am thankful that i took that step & stuck it out.

during the 10 day cleanse i lost a total of 10lbs. I gained 2.5 lbs back when i started eating again because some of that was just water weight.

after i finished the cleanse it was like my body was new & so were my tastebuds. after reading several books on clean eating & everything that goes into processed food & meat that is produced from major corporations. i decided to try to be a vegan for as long as it felt good. i continued eating healthy unprocessed foods & found a new love for cooking & eating fresh. all of a sudden all these flavors & foods that i never really gave much thought to because i didn’t know how to cook them or what to do with them i started eating & loving.

i have learned so many new healthy recipes & as a result of eating right i started working out & strength training. i can see a huge difference in the way my clothes fit & in my confidence in how i feel about myself- i feel healthy- not just skinny. that always used to be my goal in dieting to look skinny & have that make me feel good, but now i realize that being healthy & fit is so much more important for your life physically & mentally.

i want to be healthy for my son & husband. i want them to be healthy as a result of what i am cooking for them & feeding them.

if anyone has any questions about my juice fast or eating clean- please do not hesitate to email me @ sarahfoxphoto@yahoo.com

here is to a healthy life!


3 thoughts on “juice fast & eating right

  1. Great post. Pleased you saw the light about being healthy and strong rather than skinny – so many girls seem to get hung up on the skinny thing (the media doesn’t help).

    Love the photos!

  2. That’s awesome Sarah! Such an encouragement as I am going gluten free. It’s hard but so worth it and I’m actually learning to like it. I’m not sick anymore and I feel so good. Thanks for sharing.

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