life long friendship & a happy birthday

the older i get the more i realize how rare true, real friends are. i am blessed to say that i have several true friends- not just the ones you hang out with & laugh with, but the ones that cry with you, laugh with you, help you, mold you, & encourage you.

i am thankful for God’s gift of friendship. it really is a beautiful thing to invest into a friendship & see it change & grow over years. i am especially thankful for my best friend who i have know my entire life. this year we celebrate our 25th year of friendship! we have been the best of friend since we were little.

we experienced growing up together. alyson could write a really embarrassing biography about me- really she knows more about me than anyone else. she knows what i was like at 5,10, 15, 20, & 25. she has seen me at my weakest & strongest. & she loves me anyways

so alyson, i want you to know on your birthday how special our friendship is to me. it has brought me through so many phases in my life. you are a constant voice of wisdom & rational thinking. you tell me like it is & i couldn’t be more grateful! you have taught me so many things about God & how to really seek him. i am so proud of you & this new journey you are going to begin! you are always in my prayers & i love you! happy birthday & here is to celebrate 25 more years!!


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