planting & a pear

this weekend was really laid back for us. we have been so busy the last couple months that the house has kind of gotten neglected & so has some of the projects that we have been wanting to get done. so cleaning & checking some things off the to do list-this was our weekend.

check. we got one of those things done this weekend by sprucing up our front yard with some flowers & new mulch. i know we live a pretty exciting life on the weekend. it may not be to some, but it is to us.

i love watching shane experience new things. this was his first time helping with any type of planting/gardening. he actually did really well although, he wanted to pick a lot of the flowers for me which was sweet,but counter productive.

he starting to become so helpful. it is so cute how he just mimics so much of what justin & i do. he really studies our movements, our words,  & our actions. he is learning & soaking so much in & it is a beautiful thing to watch him grow & develop into an amazing little person.

oh & that pear never left his hand the whole time he was helping-they are his favorite.




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