23 months

mom’s say this all the time, but really? where did my baby go? i can not even believe that Shane is 23 months today. the last 23 months are almost indescribable. becoming a parent has changed my life & it really has been all for the better.

the other night justin & i were sitting with shane on the hammock in our backyard & showing him the stars & we started to sing twinkle, twinkle, little star & as soon as we ended shane is his sweet as can be little voice sang “twintle twintle…high…twintle twintle…sky…twintle twintle..high.” it was the most precious thing i have ever heard, in that moment i needed to pinch myself as i was sitting there with my two favorite people & as justin & i were just soaking in all the pride & joy that our little man brings to our life. all i can say is… i feel so blessed & undeserving to have had this little guy in my life for the last 23 months.

This month Shane is:

-learning a new word almost everyday

-recognizing so many different places (when we pull up to chick-fil-a “eat, eat” & “moo,moo”)

-recognizing different letters of the alphabet (A,B,E,F,O,W & a couple others)

-feeding himself with a Β fork & spoon (well, most of the time)

-trying sometimes to go on the potty (well it has only been twice, but we are trying)

-trying to kick & float in the pool

-communicating his wants/needs & it makes everything so much easier

-trying so hard to have conversations with justin & i

This month Shane loves:

-“ashes, ashes” (aka ring around the rosie)

-feeding the ducks at our local pond, especially the baby ones

-“Nickey” (aka Mickey Mouse)

-his baby & binki (aka blanket & pacifier)

-playing in the sand

-pears & waffles

-giving kisses & hugs

-reading & cuddles before bed (i am so lucky that this little guy still loves to cuddle-it makes me heart happy)


i love you little man! happy 23rd month of life.



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