happy 2nd birthday, little man


happy birthday to the sweetest, most loving, goofy, silly, & beautiful little boy i know! i know i am your mom,but really i am not biased it is just true ;)

i want today to always be a day that we can celebrate all that God has done in your life through the year- all the ways that he has protected you, watched over you, & allowed you to grow & learn. i feel so blessed to have such a beautiful & healthy child. i thank God for your health & the way He has provided so much for you at such a young age.

watching you grow & learn this last year has been the highlight of my days, weeks, & months. every new day with you is an adventure & a lesson in love, kindness, patience, & grace. & it has been a beautiful journey…

but, today your dad & i will celebrate your life! the most precious gift that we have ever received here on earth.

i love you shane, thank you for making me a mommy. i couldn’t be happier!





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