its a….

i am a planner. i like to have everything in order for when i have a baby & that is why i like to find out what we are having before-hand, but i do think that it is amazing that some people can wait their entire pregnancy with out knowing what they are having…

so on saturday justin, shane, & i headed to a ultrasound clinic & decided we wanted to find out a little early what we are having :) shane loved seeing the baby up on the ginormous screen & even asked baby to dance with him (a moment frozen in time) he is going to be an amazing big brother!

i had this feeling since i got pregnant that i was having a boy- i just knew it. i knew that if saturday i found out i was having a girl i would have been totally shocked & well my mothers intuition was right once again- WE ARE HAVING A BOY!!!

which means that shane will have a best friend for life, a partner in crime, & for the next several years i will be surrounded by bugs, dinosaurs, trucks, dirt, & non-stop energy & i wouldn’t want it any other way.

God is so good to bless me with two little boys to take care of & watch grow…& teach them to become the type of men that their father is- a consistent, godly, loving, & hardworking man. i am so thankful that my boys have someone like justin to look up to & respect.

i am excited for my future surrounded by my favorite guys!



guess what?!?!






we are beyond excited for our newest addition…

this pregnancy has me more tired & sick than the last, but i am hanging in there & so thankful for the healthy little life forming inside of me-God is good.