you get me & i get you

my shane man,

i always want to remember the special bond that we have right now…

you are my only child for 2 more months & we do everything together–we have for the past 2.5 years.

you are my shopping buddy

you are my park buddy

you are my little kitchen helper

you are my little adventurer

you are my daily breakfast, lunch, & dinner date

you are my nap time partner

you are my reading buddy

you are my sidekick







& we have had the best time! we laugh together, dance, sing, & just have a good time the two of us everyday. i really can not imagine life any other way. we are in sync you & i. we have our routine & you get it finally. life seems perfect just the two of us doing our thing, but in 2 short months it won’t be just us. we will have another little man to include in our everyday life & adventures. part of me is not ready to break up what we have, but somehow i know in my heart that life is going to be that much better adding another little person to our daily mix. you might not like it at first & i have a feeling you won’t, but i know that your heart will grow & you will not be able to imagine life with just me because you & your little brother you are going to be the best of friends! i have no doubts.

so i am going to make it a point to treasure these last two months that we have together- we are going to make them some of the best yet!

i love you,


a sunday afternoon

sometimes we like to just be spontaneous & go do something that was completely unplanned & a little bit spur of the moment ( but lets get real that can not be too often with a 2.5 year old & a 8 month pregnant me)



a couple weeks ago we ventured off to the beach & the flea market on a whim for a relaxing sunday afternoon.

it was a perfect day with my two favorite guys & a little one kicking around in my tummy.




we shopped & were able to get a couple really unique pieces for our house & then we picked up some snacks & headed to the beach where shane had the time of his life running around chasing seagulls, digging in the sand, & collecting various seashell & sticks for his ever growing collection.

i sat there & soaked in the warm sun as my heart was so full of love for the blessing God  has given me through my family. i have come to realize that this is it the pinnacle of what God gives us here on earth- our babies. i will invest my life into them & at the end of the day it will not matter how much money i have made, what kind of things i have collected or a name that i have made for myself–i will look back & cherish these days that are beautiful & passing. i really believe it is how God shows me so much love//beautiful wonderful days like these.




i love you much

” i love you much [most beautiful darling] more than anyone on the earth & i like you better than everything in the sky” -e.e. cummings

i love celebrating valentines day & being able to share my love with those around me. it is a beautiful holiday in my opinion & one that i look forward to every year.

i have had the same valentine for the last 8 years & he is the very best. he is sweet, kind, considerate, handsome, hardworking, honest, & my very best friend.

i am thankful for the love we have. it has changed over the years & somehow it is more beautiful now that it has ever been. it isn’t full of sparks & excitement like it was in the beginning. it is something so much deeper than that now & those early feelings of love don’t even seem all that real compared to the depth of what we share now.

we share our life. & God has given us a very beautiful one. every aspect of our lives are meshed together & i wouldn’t want it any other way. he understands me more than i understand myself at times & i am so grateful!

justin, thank you for being my valentine-IMG_3548 IMG_3549 my one! you make everything in life that much better! i love you xoxo