i love you much

” i love you much [most beautiful darling] more than anyone on the earth & i like you better than everything in the sky” -e.e. cummings

i love celebrating valentines day & being able to share my love with those around me. it is a beautiful holiday in my opinion & one that i look forward to every year.

i have had the same valentine for the last 8 years & he is the very best. he is sweet, kind, considerate, handsome, hardworking, honest, & my very best friend.

i am thankful for the love we have. it has changed over the years & somehow it is more beautiful now that it has ever been. it isn’t full of sparks & excitement like it was in the beginning. it is something so much deeper than that now & those early feelings of love don’t even seem all that real compared to the depth of what we share now.

we share our life. & God has given us a very beautiful one. every aspect of our lives are meshed together & i wouldn’t want it any other way. he understands me more than i understand myself at times & i am so grateful!

justin, thank you for being my valentine-IMG_3548 IMG_3549 my one! you make everything in life that much better! i love you xoxo



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