a sunday afternoon

sometimes we like to just be spontaneous & go do something that was completely unplanned & a little bit spur of the moment ( but lets get real that can not be too often with a 2.5 year old & a 8 month pregnant me)



a couple weeks ago we ventured off to the beach & the flea market on a whim for a relaxing sunday afternoon.

it was a perfect day with my two favorite guys & a little one kicking around in my tummy.




we shopped & were able to get a couple really unique pieces for our house & then we picked up some snacks & headed to the beach where shane had the time of his life running around chasing seagulls, digging in the sand, & collecting various seashell & sticks for his ever growing collection.

i sat there & soaked in the warm sun as my heart was so full of love for the blessing God  has given me through my family. i have come to realize that this is it the pinnacle of what God gives us here on earth- our babies. i will invest my life into them & at the end of the day it will not matter how much money i have made, what kind of things i have collected or a name that i have made for myself–i will look back & cherish these days that are beautiful & passing. i really believe it is how God shows me so much love//beautiful wonderful days like these.





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