you get me & i get you

my shane man,

i always want to remember the special bond that we have right now…

you are my only child for 2 more months & we do everything together–we have for the past 2.5 years.

you are my shopping buddy

you are my park buddy

you are my little kitchen helper

you are my little adventurer

you are my daily breakfast, lunch, & dinner date

you are my nap time partner

you are my reading buddy

you are my sidekick







& we have had the best time! we laugh together, dance, sing, & just have a good time the two of us everyday. i really can not imagine life any other way. we are in sync you & i. we have our routine & you get it finally. life seems perfect just the two of us doing our thing, but in 2 short months it won’t be just us. we will have another little man to include in our everyday life & adventures. part of me is not ready to break up what we have, but somehow i know in my heart that life is going to be that much better adding another little person to our daily mix. you might not like it at first & i have a feeling you won’t, but i know that your heart will grow & you will not be able to imagine life with just me because you & your little brother you are going to be the best of friends! i have no doubts.

so i am going to make it a point to treasure these last two months that we have together- we are going to make them some of the best yet!

i love you,



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