learning & growing



you insist that you are a big boy & you make it well known to almost everyone you come in contact with. you do not want to be called funny, silly, cute, baby,- you are shane big boy.

i love that you are gaining your sense of independence, but at the same time i am not really ready for you to be a big boy. i want to freeze this time with you. it is probably my favorite stage yet, although i think it has all been my favorite getting to be your momma everyday.



you are so funny right now & you ask so many questions.

you always want to know where i bought everything:

“momma, where dis from? trader joe joes?” “momma you buy dis at target?” (we are at these two stores too much)

you always want to know what everything is:

“momma what dis for?” “momma where dis go?” “momma whats her/his name?”

you say the funniest things:

“instagram hashtag funny” (daddy taught you that one & probably by the time you read this i will have to explain to you what instagram was) “momma i too busy for dat”


i love that you are learning new things everyday & that you are listening to everything we say & soaking in this beautiful world around you. God has blessed you & us with such a beautiful life. i could not ask for anything more than to be your daddys wife & your mommy. you will continue to learn so many things in your life, but always remember how good God is to you & will always be no matter what happens.

i love you!

momma xoxo


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