a beautiful Mother’s Day


this year I celebrated my third Mother’s Day & I think it was the best one yet. I think this year I realized how blessed I am to be called “mommy” to such beautiful & healthy boys. the gift of motherhood is so incredibly special to me- I really try not to take it for granted. it has changed me in so many ways & I am thankful on this day for my boys & also for my own mother-she is the most giving & loving person I know.





I had the most relaxing day & even got to take a three hour nap! yes just what this momma to a newborn ordered!

I hope each of you mom out there had a beautiful Mother’s Day where you felt loved & appreciated!


let us explore


I love when we get to take a hike & especially if it is someplace new. it is so refreshing & Shane loves it! he thinks he is on a great adventure which makes my heart so happy to see his imagination develop & also his love for the great outdoors.





I just love time we all get to spend as a family of four.


lets just go


lately I have been burdened to make the most out of our days as a family. I am trying so hard to cherish & really appreciate the time that I am given here on this earth. I want to create memories & have them here on this little blog to look back & remember the simple time we spent as a family.

so last week I texted Justin in the middle of the day to see if he could get off of work early & I would pack up the kids & the car & we could all drive to Disneyland for the night. it was exactly what we needed. Justin had been working so much that week & we were all missing our time with him. & lets be honest I just needed to get out of the house. I get cabin fever having a newborn…

we had a wonderful time as a family- I just love seeing the joy in Shane’s eyes when we are at Disneyland it is his ultimate!




& I forgot to get some pictures of Holden, but he was there with us too in the bjorn the whole time,which I have to say works out perfect right now on outings- he loves it & is always so good when he is so close to me.


conversations with shane part 2

i was inspired by james over at BleubirdΒ to start doing little conversation videos of shane & then eventually holden. the stage that shane is at right now is one of my favorites he says the funniest things & to watch his personality start to form is such a fun thing to watch as a mom.

so enjoy this little video of my boy well, just being himself.


six weeks & growing



you are six weeks old today & such a beautiful little baby. you have your daddy’s nose actually, you look exactly like your daddy you have his nose, eyes, mouth, & ears. I am pretty sure the only way that you will resemble me is your feet. you have inherited my really long toes…sorry bud. oh & I have also given you my sensitive skin. you have eczema just like me…again sorry. well at least you have your daddy’s good looks ;)


you are my little cuddle bud & there is nothing I love more right now then to have you asleep in my arms. you are such a blessing to our family.





I love you little man! happy six weeks!