shane you are three

my shane,

happy birthday!

you are three.

when did this even happen?


i feel like it was just yesterday i was rocking you in my arms & now you have turned into this little person with so much personality.

you are sensitive.

you are kind.

you are rambunctious.

you are active.

you are loving.

you are an entertainer.

you are cuddly.

you are stubborn at times.

you are playful.

you are full of joy.

you are extremely outgoing & friendly.

you are talkative.



i see so much of your daddy in you. you have his kind, sensitive heart & his friendly demeanor. i hope you never lose either of those as you grow. i pray that you always stay sensitive to God’s leading & always treat others with the kindness that God has shown to you. i hope that you are always as friendly & welcoming to people as you are now. you have no fear of rejection when you meet people & i love that i can see that in you…always be friendly to those around you & look not just to have friends, but to be a friend.

i love you to the moon & back! happiest birthday!





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