its friday!

friday. my favorite day of the week. always has been & I think it always will be.
here is a little photo recap of our week together. it has been a good one. i was able to get some things finished around which always feels good!







happy weekend!
xx, sarah

peter pan party

i love birthdays & i especially love birthday parties.

there is nothing like seeing the joy on someones face when there is a day dedicated to just them

especially when it is for my little boy.

shane has loved peter pan ever since i bought him the movie last february. he literally would ask to watch it EVERYDAY.

& soon became obsessed with playing peter pan. always wanting to sword fight like michael & john- always pretending…

he soon started to pretend & call me wendy & justin john.

on most nights before we would put him to bed he would say “goodnight wendy, goodnight john-i love you”

so i knew that when i started thinking about what kind of party to throw for him i knew he would LOVE a peter pan theme.

so after hours of planning, shopping, crafting & searching pinterest for ideas this is the final result.

i had so much fun putting this all together & even though years from now shane probably won’t remember

me doing this for him- in that moment the joy on his face was all worth it!


IMG_6812 IMG_6815 IMG_6817

IMG_6832 IMG_6834

IMG_6822 IMG_6828 IMG_6824 IMG_6831 IMG_6831 IMG_6851 IMG_6872

IMG_6898 IMG_6901

IMG_6864 IMG_6865 IMG_6897 IMG_6888 IMG_6892 IMG_6876IMG_7029 IMG_6881 IMG_6948 IMG_7052 IMG_7051

IMG_7000 IMG_7057

IMG_7114 IMG_7111 IMG_7199 IMG_7273 IMG_7130 IMG_6936


i love you shane! please don’t ever grow up & always keep that amazing imagination of yours.

xoxo, mommy

avocado. first foods


IMG_7462 IMG_7453

holden just turned 5 months & the doctor recommended that i start offering him some different foods.

my baby is growing up!

i love when they start eating & don’t quite know what to think of food- it is so cute.

5 months


IMG_7633 IMG_7643 IMG_7635

IMG_7667 IMG_7653 IMG_7662IMG_7669


time is flying by. & you are getting cuter by the minute

you have the sweetest personality. you are smiley & cuddly & i can not get enough of you.

this month

-you have tried your first food (avocado)

-you have decided you LOVE sweet potatoes

-you are finding your voice & sometimes just “talk” to entertain yourself.

-you still love your finger & hands

-you love watching your big brother play

-you are sleeping for 10+ hours a night! (woot woot)

-you are starting to get little rolls all over your thighs & a cute double chin

-you smile & laugh so much

i love you sweet boy!

xoxo, momma