yarn flower a d.i.y.

We bought this amazing birdcage at a vintage shop in downtown orange a couple months ago & we have been changing it out every season. it has been one of my favorite things to change up in our house. i love that it is always new & different. & it helps me think of different creative way to decorate.

I saw some of these yarn flowers on pinterest (where all good ideas come from- ;) & I knew that I could use them somewhere in the house to add a detail & personal touch & that somewhere just happens to be in our fabulous birdcage.

Here is a little “how to make” these little yarn flowers. They really turned out better than I thought they would. They are so cute.

1. start wrapping yarn around your finger/fingers (the more fingers you wrap the yarn around the bigger it will be & the more yarn you wrap around your finger/fingers the thicker the flower will be

2&3.dig the inside string out from inside your two finger & start to wrap it around the middle of the yarn ball & take the other end of the string & wrap that around too together

4.tie the two strings together pretty tightly

5.take your yarn ball & cut the edges of the yarn & then go back & make sure you did not miss any of the strings & fluff it out

6. viola! a pretty yarn flower.

I did several different colors & sizes & this is what I ended up with:

I hope this is helpful & gives you some good ideas to start crafting & decorating in your own house.


Master Bedroom inspiration board

We have been slowly redoing several of the rooms in our house. We just moved in a little over 4 months ago & the place was a disaster when we moved in (bare walls, filthy carpets & dirty like i have never seen) so when we first moved in there was a lot of different things we had to do first like new carpet, tile, paint, & hardwood floors leaving our wallets pretty empty as far as re-decorating. We have been saving to re-do our master bedroom/master bath & it looks like we are going to be able to start the make-over in the beginning of February. I have been searching pinterest & some of my favorite decorating sites for inspiration for our bedroom.

We already have a dresser, bed, bedding, & vintage quilt that I LOVE to start off with we just need a lot of little things to come together to complete the look for our bedroom. I really want a lot of little personalized touches to go into our room & really feel like us & a place we can relax & unwind in.

Here is a little inspiration board I put together for our room of things that I have found over time & have fallen in love with:

(most of the stuff was found at either anthropolgie, urban outfitters & i took an idea I found on a beautiful mess blog.)

I can not wait to to make our bedroom into a beautiful little place for us :)


almost one.

Shane 1st birthday is slowly approaching & I could not be more excited…eeek. I have been planning this since he was 3 months old.. You think I am joking, but I am not. I want his first birthday to be so special. I will have a full post on all the details after the event, but for now I just wanted to share the theme & the invitation that I designed :)