a happy third birthday.


any day at disney is a good day, but when it is your third birthday i don’t think it gets much better than that.
IMG_6735 IMG_6762 IMG_6698 IMG_6730 IMG_6712 IMG_6709 IMG_2551 IMG_6775 IMG_6780

i love this little guy more than i could ever say. i tried so hard the whole day not to cry & be sad that he is getting so big, but at the end of the day when we were watching the world of color & shane was sitting on top of his dads shoulders-it happened-those sweet tears of thankfulness & joy for the blessing his life, just ran down my cheeks. it is a moment i will never forget. i feel so overwhelmed with God’s blessing on my life & i hope that i never forget that these precious times together is really what it is all about.




A visit & A goodbye.

This is when living 3000 miles from my family hurts-the goodbyes & the knowing that my mom won’t get to hold her little grand baby for a couple months & knowing that Shane truly will miss his Nana.

My mom was able to visit for a couple days this weekend & it was wonderful & refreshing being able to spend time with her & her be able to spend time with Shane.
He woke up this morning say “nana nana”. I know that God has me where I am & that gives me a peace and comfort, but it is still so hard at times.
I do have to say that this weekend was incredible having my mom & aunt here. It was just what they needed & what I needed as well. We were able to just relax, go to the movies, spend the day at the beach & enjoy a nice Sunday worshiping & resting.
I have to brag on my mom for a minute. She is an amazing grandmother. It makes me so happy the way she loves Shane. He lights her up & she lights him up as well. I know they have a special connection & it is an amazing seeing your parents melt at the sight of your child.

Yes, I wish that my family lived down the street, but more than that I am thankful that my family loves & wants to spend time with Shane. They are incredibly loving people & I could not ask for them to love him more because they do not just say that they love him they actively show it & this means the world to me.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


my little shane


shane justus,

you are a gift from God

the day i first met you i knew that God had a great plan for you life.

the way you smile at me makes my heart melt.

sometimes i worry that i will get sick & maybe even that someday you will have to live with out me. i don’t know what God has planned for our life & sometimes that scares me.

i know that you will grow up & there will be so many things that look better than the path that God has intended for you. remember that God made you for a special purpose & it doesn’t have to be something that everyone else deems “successful” God determines your success not this world,not money, not fame, & not other people.

someday people may be really mean to you even cruel. don’t turn resentful remember to pray for them because they are probably facing something harder than you can imagine.

someday you will have babies of your own & you will feel that unbelievable-uncondtional love of a parent & so many things that your dad & i have told you will make sense. all we have every wanted was the best for you & that is all you will ever want for your children.

you are a strong person. i can already tell. you get that from your dad. he is one of the strongest people i know. i am blessed to have you both in my life

you have a sensitive soul. God has given you that so that you will help others. i am just discovering why God has given me that same soul-so that you could feel other peoples pains & help make them a little easier.

there will be a lot of girls that you will think are beautiful, but wait for that one girl who captures your soul & your mind. she will be become more beautiful to you than any other girl. the truest beauty you can find in a girl is in her love for God, for others & for you. i know that she will be so special & will take care of you. the relationship i have with your dad is the most beautiful thing here on earth- i pray that you find that. i have faith that God will bring that to you.

& whoever you decide to love i will love because i know that by loving her i am loving you in return.

I love you, Shane. I am so happy to be your momma & I can not wait to see the beautiful story of your life unfold.


Sick little man


I feel bad that I have not written in a couple weeks. I miss it. I have been preoccupied with so many other things in my life it seems like my blog has been one of my last priorities these days, but that is okay because sometimes there are just more important things that need to get done or that need my time.

Shane has been sick since Wednesday & it has been really hard on me-not only because I am not feeling well either, but because this is the first time he has really been sick. He has croup & with croup comes difficulty breathing. & it scares me. I feel helpless. I want to take all of his pain. I never knew that it would hurt so much to be a momma. I really do feel his pain-worse than my own. I was dreading going to bed last night because I just wanted him to be comfortable to be able to sleep.
Through his sickness though I am thankful for the time it has given me to cuddle & pray for & with Shane. I have trouble letting go & trusting God fully with the ones I love. It scares me. It scares me that God could have a different plan for them than the one that I have(where everyone is safe & healthy) over the last couple days though God has strengthened my faith & put His loving arms around me to strengthen me & allow me to let go of my fears & REALLY trust Him. I know it is something that I am going to have to keep asking God for strength , but I know He will be faithful to provide.
I know that some mothers have been through so much sickness with their children & so much uncertainty. I feel for them. It is hard to watch your baby suffer & I don’t think it will get easier as he gets older.
I am praying that tonight Shane can sleep through the night & start to feel like himself very soon.
Hope you have a great weekend. I am pretty sure we will just be laying around this weekend :) :)


it can wait: a new years resolution

I don’t always make new years resolutions, but this year I really needed a “new” start. ever since we moved into our new house there has always been something that needed to be cleaned, fixed, organized, & rearranged…& sometimes that would leave me feeling overwhelmed in all the directions I was getting pulled in- cleaning, taking care of my baby, making meals, grocery shopping, blogging, & taking care of my photography clients. SO SO many days I wouldn’t even stop toΒ  REALLY enjoy my little man that was growing up in front of me. I wouldn’t take quality time to just sit with him & just be his mom. I was too busy doing dishes, cleaning up his messes, shopping, keeping up on the internet, checking my phone, & any other thing that grabbed my attention.

So this year I made a commitment to myself & God that this would change. I will live in the moments & days that God has blessed me with. We only ever have TODAY. & it has hit me like a ton of bricks. Well today I took that time & it was one of those special life-changing times where you realize what is REALLY important- when things are put in perspective: Shane needed to go down for a nap & I usually just sing him a couple songs & then lay him down & he falls right to sleep, but today I decided I would rock him, hold him, & pray with & for him. Spending that time with God & my baby was one of the most precious times I have had for a long time.

It was encouraging & refreshing & that is when I realized this is better than a perfect house, edited photos, folded laundry, & clean kitchen. So for now all of it can wait because he is too important to not treasure.

<3 Sarah

a lion & a flower.

this past weekend we got to take a little trip down to san diego to visit some our good friends. their daughter audrey is 4 months younger than shane & i believe they were destine to be the best of friends :)

sarah joy blogs over here. check it out sometime she has the cutest little family & is a wonderful wife & momma & always such an encouragement.

here are some pictures of our babies in their costumes for halloween. how cute are they? love these two little ones.

happy tuesday :)