peter pan party

i love birthdays & i especially love birthday parties.

there is nothing like seeing the joy on someones face when there is a day dedicated to just them

especially when it is for my little boy.

shane has loved peter pan ever since i bought him the movie last february. he literally would ask to watch it EVERYDAY.

& soon became obsessed with playing peter pan. always wanting to sword fight like michael & john- always pretending…

he soon started to pretend & call me wendy & justin john.

on most nights before we would put him to bed he would say “goodnight wendy, goodnight john-i love you”

so i knew that when i started thinking about what kind of party to throw for him i knew he would LOVE a peter pan theme.

so after hours of planning, shopping, crafting & searching pinterest for ideas this is the final result.

i had so much fun putting this all together & even though years from now shane probably won’t remember

me doing this for him- in that moment the joy on his face was all worth it!


IMG_6812 IMG_6815 IMG_6817

IMG_6832 IMG_6834

IMG_6822 IMG_6828 IMG_6824 IMG_6831 IMG_6831 IMG_6851 IMG_6872

IMG_6898 IMG_6901

IMG_6864 IMG_6865 IMG_6897 IMG_6888 IMG_6892 IMG_6876IMG_7029 IMG_6881 IMG_6948 IMG_7052 IMG_7051

IMG_7000 IMG_7057

IMG_7114 IMG_7111 IMG_7199 IMG_7273 IMG_7130 IMG_6936


i love you shane! please don’t ever grow up & always keep that amazing imagination of yours.

xoxo, mommy

first snow

justin has been so busy the last couple weeks & has been working 6 days a week almost 13-14 hour days. sometimes that is just life when you are a business owner. so this past friday he decided to take off & we would all take a little day-cation up to the mountains to see the snow. it was a perfect day for us as a family & shane loved it because we found a playground that had swings-this little man lives for the swings seriously, nothing makes him happier than being one whope you


hope you have a happy wednesday!


19 months & learning

life lately with my little man has been such a joy. i am really enjoying all this alone time that we have right now. i know that someday it won’t just be the two of us running around doing errand, exploring, or enjoying ourselves at the park.

& it makes me stop & think & i feel so blessed that God has give me Shane to take care of- i know that every parent must think this,but i know that God gave me someone very special to look after- this little guy lights up a room & knows just what to do to make everyone smile. i really could not ask for a better little man.

& did i mention how much fun this toddler stage is! i really believe he is learning something new every day: as of today he can

-say: mama, da!!!!(not dadda, not daddy, just daaa & he always screams it), wawa(water), cheese, apple,nana (banana),choo choo, girl, hot, cold,ball, elmo, boy, ookie (cookie), more,book,ampa (grandpa),nana, ama (grandma),papa,up,mama,mama,mama…& he usually will repeat words if i tell him to say them, but these are the regulars in his vocabulary as of now.

-he climbs-on everything & tries to surf on his rocking chair

-kick a ball & throw it

-eat on his own

-give hugs & kisses to us & random kids at the park

-sings & dances whenever there is music & he has the moves

-loves the water (the bath, a sprinkler, a water fountain, a pond, any form of water)

-can spin

-can walk his doggies

-can give high-five & knuckles

-can fold his hands when we pray

some of his favorite this right now are:

-the park, the playhouse at the gym, elmo, fruit, sweet potatoes, chicken, his blankie & paci, reading & especially “i love you through & through”, & walking his doggies

he is just learning so much from justin & i & it is so amazing to watch a child transform in front of you & knowing that the influence that you have on this very special life will be forever-blessed.

he is just learning so much from justin & i & it is so amazing to watch a child transform in front of you & knowing that the influence that you have on this very special life will be forever-blessed.

happy thursday & happy 19th month to my little man!


A visit & A goodbye.

This is when living 3000 miles from my family hurts-the goodbyes & the knowing that my mom won’t get to hold her little grand baby for a couple months & knowing that Shane truly will miss his Nana.

My mom was able to visit for a couple days this weekend & it was wonderful & refreshing being able to spend time with her & her be able to spend time with Shane.
He woke up this morning say “nana nana”. I know that God has me where I am & that gives me a peace and comfort, but it is still so hard at times.
I do have to say that this weekend was incredible having my mom & aunt here. It was just what they needed & what I needed as well. We were able to just relax, go to the movies, spend the day at the beach & enjoy a nice Sunday worshiping & resting.
I have to brag on my mom for a minute. She is an amazing grandmother. It makes me so happy the way she loves Shane. He lights her up & she lights him up as well. I know they have a special connection & it is an amazing seeing your parents melt at the sight of your child.

Yes, I wish that my family lived down the street, but more than that I am thankful that my family loves & wants to spend time with Shane. They are incredibly loving people & I could not ask for them to love him more because they do not just say that they love him they actively show it & this means the world to me.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


orange county fun

Last weekend we got to go down to the beach while my best friend was visiting from arizona (it is always a good time when she is in town). It was a beautiful day, a little windy,but when it is 65 in the middle of January I will not complain.

[outfit details: jeans=oldnavy skinnies, cardigan=h&m baby, white button down=baby gap, boots=h&m]

I decided I am going to start to post some baby WHW (what he wore). I LOVE dressing my little man & am always on the look out for good places to find stylish & affordable clothes for Shane so I figured I would share where I get his clothes- I love when other people share too!

I love being able to spend time with friends & our little family. Life is such a blessing & everyday it just gets better & better.