first snow

justin has been so busy the last couple weeks & has been working 6 days a week almost 13-14 hour days. sometimes that is just life when you are a business owner. so this past friday he decided to take off & we would all take a little day-cation up to the mountains to see the snow. it was a perfect day for us as a family & shane loved it because we found a playground that had swings-this little man lives for the swings seriously, nothing makes him happier than being one whope you


hope you have a happy wednesday!


it’s a date

every once in a while justin & i get a chance to go out on a date & sometimes even for breakfast- like today. i love breakfast dates it just seems to make the whole day better. a hot cup of coffee, warm pancakes, scrambled eggs, & the loveliest of company & great conversation.

when we spend quality time alone he refreshes me. he uplifts me. he pushes me. he inspires me. & he makes me fall in love with him a little more even when i thought that wasn’t possible. i am so thankful for a man that is perfect in every way for me :)

he makes me happy as can be.

happy thursday.